Austin Talley

Conservative for Texas House District 45​

Serve First, Serve Others, & Serve Often

About Austin

Austin Talley is a veteran of the United States Navy and an 8th generation Texan. He fought terrorism with U.S. Intelligence Agencies for over a decade before returning to Texas in 2013 and starting a new life as an entrepreneur. He has since opened and currently operates 5 companies, focusing on creating jobs, helping veterans, and improving his community. He has also been active with nonprofits that assist veterans in Central Texas transition to civilian life, find work, and overcome struggles with PTSD. He is highly active in Republican organizations throughout Texas and is committed to fighting for conservative ideas and principles. Austin now wants to take his fighting spirit to the State House, where he can continue working to champion conservative values, defend liberty, and improve the lives of his fellow Texans. Texas is facing difficult times, and needs someone who not only talks the talk, but has proven he can walk the walk. That is why Austin Talley is running for State Representative in House District 45. 


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