About Austin Talley

An eighth-generation Texan, a Christian, a veteran, and a true conservative.

Austin Talley exemplifies what it means to put service above self, and as an 8th generation Texan he comes from a long line of patriots committed to defending freedom and liberty. From his ancestors, who came to the region in 1820 and fought in the Texas Revolution, to his father, who was a border patrol agent in Laredo, Austin has been molded by a long line of proud and dedicated Texans, and is working to carry on this legacy of service today. 

Austin grew up all around Texas, spending much of his youth as a ranch hand for his Grandfather in Camp Wood and living near the border in Laredo. Experiencing first hand the impact of illegal immigration and the grit needed to succeed as a rancher instilled Austin with the values of a strong work ethic, resilience, and toughness. 

Austin is a veteran of the United States Navy and currently serves in the United States Army Reserves. He always felt called to serve his country and his community, and wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps of fighting for freedom. After enlisting in 1998 and following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Austin signed on to fight terrorism within U.S. intelligence agencies and deployed to Southwest Asia and The Middle East. During the years that followed he lost 43 brothers-in-arms in some of the fiercest battles of the Global War on Terrorism. He made a promise to himself that he would continue to fight in their memory.   

After leaving Afghanistan in 2013, Austin followed through on his promise to continue serving his country and fighting for those he lost. He has since opened and currently operates 5 companies, focusing on creating jobs, helping veterans, and improving his community. 

He has also been active with nonprofits that assist veterans in Central Texas transition to civilian life, find work, and overcome struggles with PTSD. He has been involved in the Republican Party and is committed to fighting for conservative ideas and principles. 

He is a devout Christian, attends Austin Stone Church, was an active member of Promise Keepers, and served as a youth minister for the late Reverend Billy Graham. Austin currently resides in Kyle with his fiancé Jenny.

Austin now wants to take this fight to the State House, where he can continue working to champion conservative values, defend liberty, and improve the lives of his fellow Texans. Texas is facing difficult times, and needs someone who not only talks the talk, but has proven he can walk the walk. That is why Austin Talley is running for State Representative in House District 45.