The Issues


I am 100% pro-life and believe that life begins at conception. We are all created in His image and every life has inherent value and worth. We must do everything we can to protect each and every sacred life. The far left in this country cannot even agree that a baby born alive should be given life-saving health care. This shocks the conscience and we should all stand together to condemn such barbarity. 


I support our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. The 2nd amendment was put in place to protect individual gun ownership rights. It was meant to protect the right of individuals to protect themselves and their families, first and foremost. And it is a last resort check on government tyranny. I am an avid supporter of constitutional carry in the state of Texas, and would support such legislation if elected.

Securing the Border

We must secure our borders and protect our people from drug cartels and other criminals and violent actors. Border security has to come first, before we have any other discussions about much needed immigration reform. I grew up along the border and I know how important this issue is. We must enforce the laws on the books, end the incentives for people to cross the border illegally, and eliminate sanctuary cities across the country. By securing the border, and building the wall, drug and human traffickers will be dealt a blow. And we must protect the many vulnerable women and children who are often taken advantage of by violent illegal aliens and criminals.  

Lower Taxes, Less Government

We need less spending at the federal, state, and local level. Government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Our tax dollars are often wasted in bloated bureaucracies and in programs that are duplicative. We must fight to ensure that Texas never has a state income tax, and we must reduce property taxes for homeowners. We should not raise the state sales tax one penny. We must reform the budget process to include greater transparency, ensuring that dedicated fees and funds are used only for their defined purposes and we should enact zero based budgeting practices.  

Traditional Values

I believe that our state and our country were founded on Judeo-Christian values. We are a God-fearing people and religion has been central to our identity as Americans and Texans. We must live our faith, as well as fight to protect it from the forces of secularism. The social science is clear: communities that put their Creator at the center have stronger, healthier, and happier communities.  


I believe in local control when it comes to education. Our students and parents need more options, because every student learns differently. We must give them, and our teachers, flexibility in how education is delivered to students. Standardized testing has created the wrong incentives when it comes to education. We must ensure that more dollars go directly into the classroom, and fewer dollars go to overhead and administrative costs. Other than family and church, education is the most important influence on our children and is critical to the future of Texas.

Term Limits

I believe strongly in term limits on Congress and state legislators. We need fewer career politicians, and more citizen-legislators. I support imposing term limits on federal and state lawmakers because too many politicians get entrenched, and then lose touch with the very people who sent them to Austin or Washington in the first place. I would support Texas passing a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment for term limits on Congress.